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Massage Descriptions

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Customized Therapeutic Massage

We provide a customized massage based on the clients needs and the pressure desired. This massage includes Swedish to Neuromuscular Massage and Light to Deep pressure. Please let your therapist now what you would like to focus on and the pressure you prefer. Based on your medical history and information taken during the intake process by your therapist your massage type and pressure may be modified prior to your appointment and discussed with you.

During your massage we encourage that you communicate with your therapist about pressure (more, less, or the same) and the therapist should check in with you on the pressure and if you are comfortable.

Warm Stones Massage

We use warm Basalt Stones that are warmed in warmer with water at the right temperature so that we are able to handle the stones with our hands and apply to the body immediately. The warmed stones are used to warm the tissues and allow ease of muscle movement. This is a great relaxing massage and a great tool to work those stubborn knots out.

Bamboo Fusion

Warm Bamboo sticks are used very similarly to warm stones. The sticks are warmed with a medical grade heating pad. This allows us to reuse sticks quicker throughout the massage and around the body in a more efficient way. This is the technique taught by Nathalie Cecilia and describes the massage as follows: "The Bamboo-Fusion technique allows you to easily adjust the pressure, making deep-tissue work easy." Your therapist "can effectively palpate using the bamboo and is able to easily locate muscle tension and treat trigger points." 

Sticks and Stones Massage

This is the amazing combination of both Warm Stones and Bamboo Fusion and only offered in 90 minute session. 

Pre-Natal Massage

As a woman's body expands and changes, muscles are pulled and stretched that may cause pain and discomfort. Some women may feel their posture change and/or fatigue throughout the pregnancy. This massage is performed as you lay side lying with a body pillow and with a pillow under your head for added comfort while supporting you and your baby. The massage is both relaxing and soothes the distresses that pregnancy can cause. We offer pre-natal massage for women in their second and third trimester only. Also sessions are only 1 hour or 90 minutes long. We only offer this to women that are in there second and third trimester (greater than 12 weeks).


A wonderful ancient tool in modern form of vacuum therapy. Cupping provides incredible results by creating a suction and vacuum pressure to soften tight muscles and tone attachments, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, bring hydration and blood flow tissues, move deep inflammation to the skin surface for release, and drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways. It can be easily customized to provide a variety of techniques, from lymphatic drainage to deep tissue release. This can be a full session or added to a session and a specific muscle is cupped or a certain area for 10 minutes. 


It's origins are in ancient oriental massage. Reflex points correspond to various structures of the body. Massaging in gentle circular stroke or direct pressure will break up any crystal like deposits around the reflex points. This promotes optimal organ and nerve function, as well as increasing the lymphatic and circulatory flow and relaxation of the body. Sticks and Stones is offering: 30 minutes of the feet only, 30 minutes Sweet Feet Spa, 1 hour of the hands and sweet feet (aromatherapy incl.), 90 minutes of hands and feet Reflexology and bodywork of the arms and neck/shoulders and the legs, and a 90 minute spa session which includes a foot soak, an Epsom salt foot scrub, aromatherapy AND warm stones used on the hands and feet. Reflexology is often considered just as relaxing as massage-try it today! This can be a full session or added to a session. 

Thai Massage 

A Traditional Thai massage has been also called Thai Yoga or “Lazy Man’s Yoga.” This ancient form of massage incorporates a combination of stimulating acupressure points along the body and yoga-like stretches.  These acupressure points are found along energy (or sen) lines throughout the body and help to simulate and increase the flow of energy in the body.  The massage takes place on a mattress pad and there is no oil or lotion used.  The client remains completely clothed throughout the session and the massage can be varied to suit a wide range of physical needs.  Thai massage is suitable for all ages and abilities, and can complement any level of exercise, flexibility, and/or activity.  Clients should come in clothing that they can easily move and stretch in (for example, what you would wear for a yoga or workout class). This massage is available in 60 min, 90 min, and 2 hour sessions. 

Chair Massage

This massage is performed in a seated position in a chair designed for massage where the client can remain dressed and does not use lotions, cremes, or oils. This is great for people who have never had a massage or just want a quick, relaxing massage.

We offer this to onsite local businesses to reward employees or for special events. We also do events such as wedding parties, birthdays, festivals, etc. If you would like for us to set up at a private or business event, please contact us for pricing, number of therapists needed, and availability.